20140320_213123In Okayama, we stayed with my friend’s family. At night, her mother invited some friends over, and we prepared a nabe (nabemono 「なべ物」).
This is commonly a winter dish. It’s a soup prepared in a ceramic pot. The broth is made with dashi, a kind of fish broth, but it can also be made with tofu milk (tounyuu 「豆乳」) and soy sauce, mirin, etc. To make it, you start by putting the hard vegetables into the boiling broth, and then continue with soft vegetables and also meat, fish, whatever you want. Some common vegetables to add are: cabbage, mushrooms, soy sprouts, soba noodles, pumpkin, kimchi (Korean spicy cabbage), turnip, taro/sato-imo (small and round Japanese potato), yamaimo (large Japanese mountain potato), etc. 



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