In March, the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament is held in Osaka.
We attended the third day! The wrestlers are divided into two leagues, the lesser league or juryo and the major league or makuuchi; and then they are also divided into higashi, which means East and can basically be said to refer to wrestlers who train in Tokyo; and nishi, meaning West and referring to Osaka.
It was very interesting to see how such enormous bodies could draw so much power, to the point of being able to, for example, lift and hurl their opponents.
I didn’t have any interest in sumo before this, but it turned out to be really exciting.
We also took a number of ridiculous pics that day, couldn’t be helped. I love the filters on my phone camera.

   20140311_152318  20140311_152020

20140311_152445And tried the nikuman from 551 Horai!

We did not see the tournament to the end, but if I understood correctly, it was the yokozuna (champion) from the West, Harumafuji, who won the last match, and it was actually an ozeki (the category immediately below champion in the major league) from the East, Kakuryu, who got more points than anyone else, so he became the new Eastern yokozuna.
It’s very, very interesting, although I don’t understand it completely. Looking forward to attending the January tournament in Tokyo next year!



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